Commercial & Promotional Printing

Company History

Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited was founded in 1994 as a basic commercial and stationary printer to cater to small-scale clientele and simple printing works.

In late 2004, the company underwent a corporate restructuring process with new management and staff being brought in to pave the way for the company’s future growth and expansion.

The period following the corporate restructuring has resulted in the company evolving from a small scale/basic printer to an industrial scale printer catering to clientele from all sectors in the Tanzanian market and with particular focus on corporate clients.

In late 2006, the company branched out into industrial scale packaging providing inner cartons for various industries such as tea producers, soap producers, pharmaceuticals, biscuit producers, alcoholic beverage producers to name a few.

In the first quarter of 2010, the company once again expanded further by entering the promotional printing industry and providing large-format and screen printing services and the positive response from the market has led to gradual growth of this segment of the business.

Today, we have become synonymous with high quality printing work and simultaneously giving value for money to its customers. We are proud to say that our customer service is second to none in the Tanzanian printing industry.

We continue to identify areas of growth and improvement to ensure our place as one of the leading providers of quality printing work in the Tanzanian market.

Our Core Values & Services

We aim to keep in step with all of our clients’ requirements. Your work will be monitored through our client care procedures throughout its production and this process will continue until you receive the completed project on your doorstep.

Our experienced and superior customer service personnel is aimed to give the customer the assurance that regardless of the monetary value or size of the job, it is being monitored from the highest level.

EXPERTISE - we have market leading skills in all our fields of operation. These skills have been honed through experience and allow us to have a dynamic capacity for creativity and superior print quality.

RELIABILITY - we possess the technical savvy and capability to carry out printing work to the full satisfaction of our clients on a timely basis.

FLEXIBILITY - our clients have high demands and expectations and we relish this and rise to the challenge. We meet and exceed the stringent requirements of our customers consistently.

DEDICATION - we are responsible, dependable and dedicated. From the estimation stage to the completion of the print job, we devote our efforts to ensure clients receive their work on time, all the time and within their budget.

Graphic Design & Pre-Press

Presenting your products excitingly and attractively is vital in aiding sales growth or promoting your identity and purpose.

Our state of the art premises consists of an in-house graphic designing and pre-press department and these facilities allow first generation production and manipulation of images to ensure the cleanest, sharpest picture is obtained every time.

Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited is completely networked throughout. We are able to transfer images and files to any destination in the world. Internal electronic movement throughout on a fibre optic and Cat 6 10/100/1000 base cable allows for a fast throughput of work as well as ensuring a top quality end product.

Our in-house pre-press department ensures what you see is what you get.

From basic proofing and plate-making through our Heidelberg Hercules CtF to a highly advanced setup consisting of the latest proofing equipment and this has been complemented by our investment in a Heidelberg Trendsetter CtP system and a Screen CtP system.

In exceptional circumstances we also provide ‘on press’ direct wet proofing for our customers.

We also archive all jobs upon completion in the event of a re-order and to save the customer time and money when editing and checking is required.

Commercial & Promotional Printing

Throughout the printing process, our meticulous attention to detail is maintained.

With vast experience in the reprographic and print industry, our clients can be assured of perfectly finishing and well produced literature by using the finest quality materials and machinery.

Our Heidelberg presses are the latest word in today’s technological world of print. Whether your requirements are simple short-run stationary, full corporate literature, high quality fine art printing or high volume packaging printing, our efficient and cost-effective approach to print instills total confidence in our clients.

Today’s economic market consists of clients who have awareness of time-sensitive and quality literature and our entire workflow from the estimation stage to delivery takes these factors into account for any job.

Our printing services include products such as business cards, brochures, flyers, festive cards, pocket folders, books, magazines, newsletters, menus, posters, danglers, calendars and much more.

Our promotional printing allows us to become a one stop shop for a client’s print requirements.

Large format digital output devices can create cost-effictive one-off displays with oustanding results every time. Product launches can be handled with ease from packaging to large scale signs and display boards and all are delivered with attention grabbing and eye scorching impact.

In addition to large format printing, we also offer screen printing services for t-shirts, caps and other screen printed items for both small and long-run jobs with as many colours as a client desires.

So whether you need point-of-display or point-of-sale, banners or ABS boards for internal or external use, t-shirts or caps for a marketing campaign or to promote awareness or wheel covers to promote your organisation, we can provide the appropriate solution to meet your requirements.


The increase in industries requiring large volume packaging led us to diversify our operations and branch out into packaging to cater to market demand.

Today our shop floor boasts an impressive fleet of equipment consisting of high-speed folding-glueing machines and die-cutting machinery to produce large volume inner cartons of the highest quality.

We are able to cater to complex and sensitive packaging jobs such as those required for food industries and pharmaceutial companies.


The effective use of finishing plays a vital role in how the finished job will look.

We offer various forms of finishing such as folding, lamination, perfect binding, saddle stitching, embossing, varnishing and UV coating for both full and spot UV finishes.

All of the various forms of finishing can be used to not only fulfil a practical requirement such as folding, but to present the final printed job in the most attractive and tactile way and our fully equipped in-house finishing facilities provide an inclusive one stop service from start to finish.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited are committed to the philosophy of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our strong community ethos comes from being a family-owned printing business.

We ensure that our most important raw material (paper) is procured from mills/paper merchants that consider sustainable management of forests and plantations and who respect biodiversity and ensure the wood required for paper pulp comes from legal and acceptable sources and that their products can be recycled.

All inks and chemicals are disposed of as per the guidelines and regulations of the Government of Tanzania and its respective sub-organisations and ministries to ensure proper waste management.

Each employee has an individual responsibility to deal ethically with customers, suppliers, fellow employees and the general public.

Being in sub-saharan Africa where diseases such as malaria, AIDS, tubercolosis et al. are rife, we ensure that proper health awareness is promoted within our organisation for the sake of the organisation and the general community.

We care, our customers care, we should all care...


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